Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Reality of Most Corporate Training...

Corporate Trainers – we’re an enthusiastic bunch.

We glow when we think about our training programs. We’re positively gushy and unbearable talking about how our programs will:
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve employee performance
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention
  • Enhance company profits
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Give the company and overall competitive advantage
But start to ask us the tough questions – like, "What has changed as a result of your training?" and that's where we start to go a little sideways.

Because the REALITY of most corporate training… the audience is BORED!

The training looks like this: Info → Info → Info → Quiz | Info → Info → Info → Quiz | (repeat as needed). And, the audience of learners is not gushing about our training program, but instead are thinking:
  • How is this relevant?
  • What time is this over?
  • He’s talking me into a coma!
  • This is 4 hours of my life I'm never going to get back!
  • Waste of money!
  • Stick a pencil in my eye!
  • Kill me now…
Enter Gamification
It’s all fun and colorful and sweet and happy and we’re just standing at the store window drooling… wishing we could try some of that.
Gamification is a strategy through which you can make everyday activities more game-like. To take boring work tasks and make them more fun by creating an immersive feeling of play using game elements and game mechanics like goals, badges, leveling up, competition, collaboration, chance, points, status, and more.
But wait… When you look at the research conducted by The Chapman Alliance and their metrics from several different studies that included ratios for how long it takes to create different types of learning, is adding technology and gamification into your training mix really a good idea?

I say emphatically, YES!! But, it all begins with an understanding of development costs and an implementable strategy. In this video Monica presents ideas on how to use the language of a CEO to put gamification into action in your talent development programs. 

Game On!

For more ideas on implementing gamification in your talent development programs, get started with the Gamification Design and Implementation Program.

About the Author: Monica Cornetti
Founder and CEO, Sententia
www.SententiaGames.com www.monicacornetti.com

A gamification speaker and designer, Monica Cornetti is rated as a #1 Gamification Guru in the World by UK-Based Leaderboarded. She is the author of the book Totally Awesome Training Activity Guide: Put Gamification to Work for You, writes The Gamification Report blog, and hosts the weekly Gamification Talk Radio program.

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