Wednesday, December 27, 2017

NEW Sententia Gamification Digital Badges

What is a Digital Badge?
The new Sententia Gamification Badges are digital credentials that represent your skills and achievements as a gamification strategy designer, earned by you through a specific portfolio of evidence for each level of certification. The learning ecosystem behind these badges make them powerful and connected credentials.
As a badge issuer, Sententia Gamification has worked closely with recognized HR and Learning and Development Associations to identify credentials which demonstrate a mastery of skills and achievements. These credentials are of particular value to the HR, L&D, and Adult Education professions because it is important for these professionals to continually update their competencies and knowledge.
Based on these credentials, Sententia Gamification has created a curriculum and a set of competencies that determine if the earner has acquired the necessary skills for the badge in each level of certification in gamification strategy design. The badges are hyperlinked to the criteria for the badge and document the completed portfolio of evidence. Perhaps most importantly, instead of merely clocking contact or clock hours, the digital badge contains information about when and how each level of certification was earned.

The Workforce and Badges
Today, while more and more jobs require a college degree, employers are also looking for ways to identify individuals who have the specific skills they are looking for. This includes knowledge and expertise gained that demonstrate your commitment to the profession, to your organization, and to yourself through lifelong education and professional development.
The Sententia Gamification Digital Badges provide important verifiable information to employers about your gamification design skills, backed by evidence. These badges present a well-rounded picture of knowledge and competencies that your resume and degrees may not reflect. At a glance, prospective employers will be able to verify training completed and know that you have the verifiable training and skills that make you the best possible choice for their company.
The Sententia Gamification Team is very excited about this new credentialing system. And as beautiful as they are, the images of these digital badges are a mere representation of the profound range of underlying information that tells the story of the achievement that each badge represents.
You can claim and share each of the badges you have earned.
Well done designers!!

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