Monday, June 19, 2017

Summertime Memories to Make You Smile

Let’s go back for a moment… What are your favorite memories of summer from when you were a kid that make you smile? What were you doing? Who were you with?

Some of my favorite summertime memories from growing up were riding bikes with Mindy and Joe, swim team, and visiting state parks with my family… every state park in Pennsylvania… it was my dad’s mission in 1972. 😊

I also remember the summer classes offered by our neighborhood school and recreation center. There I learned how to create unique and colorful potholders with a simple loom and cotton strips, weave plastic lace key chains, and conduct science experiments to make homemade rock candy. Learning new skills and creating masterpieces, such as they were, always played a key role in my summertime activities.

As an adult, your view of summer fun may have changed a bit, yet many professionals just like you choose to take part in special summer learning programs to:
·         Explore their interests
·         Develop new skills
·         Get hands-on experience in a new subject
·         Meet others with similar interests
·         Stay current with new trends and technologies

If that sounds like you, we have both live and online gamification courses this summer to match your busy schedule.

Gamification Apprentice Certifications:

Online Course - begins June 26th:  More Info Here

Live Sessions:  Find a city near you

What will you learn this summer?

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