Saturday, August 15, 2015

Joshua Roberts - Video Games to Create Powerful Scenario-Based Learning

Recently Joshua Roberts wrote an intriguing blog article about instructional design -- Choices and Decisions in E-Learning – What We Can Learn From The WalkingDead (Video Game) Series – I was hooked . Immediately I thought, “Who is this guy? I need to connect with him today!"
And, this week on Gamification Talk Radio, Joshua and I explored how to take advantage of video games in the world of learning.

Examining the best aspects of video games and how we can apply that information in Instructional Design and E-Learning development, this short interview gives you creative inspiration from some popular video games and dissects the instructional theories game developers use to portray information to the player.

The focus is on creating powerful and engaging scenario based learning and systems training.

About Joshua Roberts: Joshua is an experienced Instructional Designer who focuses on gamification methods and video game theories for application in learning. There have been a number of large international corporate companies Joshua has worked with to implement his approach - all of which have had huge success in engagement numbers. Joshua is also a key speaker at gamification and E-Learning events in the UK where his reputation continues to grow. The deconstruction of video game theory provides the background to his blog and is a useful resource for Instructional Designers and E-Learning developers. Connect with Josh at @GamingTraining on Twitter and his blog

About Your Host:  A gamification keynote speaker and designer, Monica Cornetti is rated as the #1 Gamification Guru in the World by UK-Based Leaderboarded. She is the author of the book Totally Awesome Training Activity Guide: Put Gamification to Work for You. Monica’s niche is gamification used within the corporate environment. Connect with Monica (@monicacornetti)

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